At Exploration Kids Therapy we believe each child is unique and should have an individualized treatment approach.  We also believe that we are a part of a bigger team of professionals who work with your child (which may include): Primary Care Doctors, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Teachers, School Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists – and others! 

Many of our therapists have sought out special skills to enhance typical clinical therapy services.


Social Skills Groups and Peer Groups

Group therapy offers opportunities for kids to generalize the skills they have learned with their therapists individually in a peer setting.  At different times of the year we offer social skills groups, handwriting groups, and community integration groups. 


Sensory Integration and Processing Programs

Sensory Integration describes the ability to take in information through the senses of touch, movement, smell, taste, vision and hearing and use that information to interact appropriately with one's environment.  Our extensive Sensory Gym and individualized sensory programs provide the necessary opportunities for your child to work through the processing of different sensory information in a controlled environment.


Feeding Therapy

We use a sensory-based approach to feeding therapy for kids who have all kinds of issues from texture to olfactory aversion.   Feeding work is typically done in a play environment first and then moves to a family meal environment.   Our therapists are also trained to tackle swallowing and oral motor weakness issues.

Community Integration Work

We practice life skills and introduce kids to different vocational opportunities while working in the community setting.Exposing a child to different settings and real-life experiences can be very valuable and set up the child for success! By increasing comfort levels and preparing for transitions ahead of time the child can learn what to expect in different situations.