I always new there was something different about my daughter.

From birth, she hated singing. She startled easier than other babies. She hated her toys that made sound. She would leave when we tried to play with her. As a pre-schooler, she couldn’t follow more than one instruction at a time and had trouble with self control. She wasn’t much into coloring and drawing. She still had trouble with loud sounds. Meltdowns could not be stopped, we just had to ride them out. I sought help from pediatricians, home health nurses, child development specialists and advice from family and friends for 4 years and was told ‘this child doesn’t have a developmental problem’, ‘stop trying to give her a label’ and ‘you’re crazy’. Four years of feeling like I had failed my child. Until we met April. Within 15 minutes, April had identified what was going on with my daughter. With further review and meeting with us, she developed a plan for Occupational Therapy that would help my daughter learn to function with her sensory processing dysfunction, strengthen her fine motor skills and to help us all overcome self regulation issues. She also identified an eye muscle problem we’d have never suspected and helped us get treatment for that! I’m so glad we went to see her that day because it has drastically improved my daughter’s life, her future and our family. My daughter now behaves much like you’d expect an 8 year old to. We have occasional moments but thanks to the therapies we received from April’s office, we know how to handle these moments and can overcome them easier. She gave my daughter a chance at a normal life. I’ll forever be thankful for April and her team.